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Vessel Management
We provide full technical support and practical advice on all technical aspects from a professionally organized shore based technical management team. The team is geared to work closely to reach the common goal of quality shipping. Our highly trained key technical personnel monitor quality procedures relating to technical condition and maintenance of each vessel in close collaboration with the shipboard management team.

Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Quality Assurance procedures. Regular inspections and audits are conducted on our ships to evaluate and ensure:

♦ Planned & Preventive Maintenance
♦ Dry dockings and Repair
♦ Stores acquisition and supply
♦ Voyage planning
♦ Bunkering

Ship Chartering Services
With our combined expertise, we complement the inherent strength of the business we are in. Be it marketing reports for the region, post fixture handling or a voyage analysis... all of it is handled with extreme efficiency, ensuring all time deadlines are kept intact.

We only charter cargo vessels when logical and necessary, and where we believe the cargo requirements and budget will justify such an undertaking. Our project management staff will personally attend to the shipment port-side, both at origin and destination to ensure the cargo is loaded and received safely. They understand the importance of on-site presence to oversee the often delicate maneuvers. These may involve the lifting and securing of valuable cargo on board full or part chartered vessels for long intercontinental voyages.